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VaporSafe™ Automated Vapor Intrusion Assesment, Monitoring, and Response
Groundswell Technologies has partnered with Hartman Environmental Geoscience to deliver the industry's first cost effective near real time vapor intrusion monitoring and response solution - VaporSafe™.
VaporSafe™ immediately identifies trends, encroachment locations, cause-and-effect, indoor sources and determines whether mitigation options are required or if a reading was due to a foreign source brought into the location.
This solution enables response in minutes, not days or weeks, and is competitively priced in comparision with traditional methods.
Highly accurate and sensitive (< 1 μg/m3 for TCE, PCE) laboratory grade equipment integrated with our web based dashboard for visualization, alerting and data export to Excel. Other compounds include DCE, Vinyl Chloride, Carbon Tetrachloride and additional halogenated volatiles and key petroleum based VOCs (e.g., BTEX, polyaromatics).
Additional parameters such as Differential Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Indoor Pressure, and Temperature are optionally available and automatically merged with the collected data.
Vapor Intrusion Dashboard
VaporSafe™ can help you determine the effectiveness of remediation as well as optimize remediation efforts while monitoring multiple locations.
The complete turnkey service (hardware/telemetry/web portal/deployment/calibration) can be implemented on a rental basis (daily/weekly/monthly) for site assessment and characterization or as part of an overall remediation solution.  Complete setup by our personnel typically takes one day.
Contact us to learn how to get started with VaporSafe™.
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